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710W Laser Jigsaw 710W
710W Laser Jigsaw 710W
710W Laser Jigsaw 710W
710W Laser Jigsaw 710W
710W Laser Jigsaw 710W
710W Laser Jigsaw 710W

710W Laser Jigsaw 710W

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  • Variable speed with 3-stage pendulum action
  • Lock-on button & clear blade guard
  • Cutting angle range 0-45°
  • Dust extraction port & tool-free blade change
  • Includes wood saw blade

Product Specification

Blade Angle 4-Position pendulum action
IP Rating IPX64
Max Cutting Depth Wood - 80mm Steel - 10mm Aluminium - 10mm
Power 710W
No Load Speed 0 - 3000rpm
Dust Extraction Yes
Bevel Range 0 - 45°
Product Weight 2.2kg


Key Features

The high specification Silverline Laser Jigsaw is an invaluable tool for swift and accurate completion of straight, curved and internal cutting tasks, including cutting openings for electrical sockets or holes in worktops, in wood and metal.

With laser guide for cutting accuracy, 3-position pendulum action, 45° adjustable bevel plate, variable speed capability and an aluminium housing for the gearbox, the fully-featured Silverline Laser Jigsaw will meet your needs at every level. Maximum cutting capacity of 10mm in steel, and 80mm in wood. If you haven’t used laser guidance before, you will quickly appreciate just how useful this facility is for achieving accuracy of cut. The laser beam will help you guide the blade exactly as needed to produce perfect results, avoiding the frustration of wasted time and materials.

In addition, the clear safety guard protects the operator whilst ensuring the blade remains clearly in view at all times, even whilst cutting. With variable speed, the Silverline Laser Jigsaw 710W enables close control of the cutting action and application of the optimum speed to suit the density of material you are cutting.

The Silverline Laser Jigsaw 710W offers a 3-position pendulum action, in which the blade swings from side to side slightly in use. This added motion allows the jigsaw to cut faster, reduces jamming and extends the life of the blade. The 3-position setting allows fine adjustment of the pendulum action to suit the material. The base plate can be tilted and locked at any angle up to 45° for accurate bevel cutting.

Fitted with a soft-grip ergonomic handle and lock-on switch for comfort and efficiency, even over prolonged periods of use, the Silverline Laser Jigsaw 710W also boasts a ‘quick chuck’ for fast and easy blade change and delivers a speed (without load) of between 0-3000rpm, which is adjustable to best suit your current application.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Jigsaw 710W
  • 1 x Dust tube
  • 1 x Hex key
  • 1 x Carbon brushes
  • 1 x Blade
  • 1 x Guide ruler
  • 1 x Instruction manual